Thank you for your understanding

In order to ensure you a comfortable, safe and relaxing experience, we strongly suggest you to respect the following rules of use.

  • - Put your shoes in the specially designed space. Wear slippers in all public areas. Swimsuits are mandatory.
  • - Before using the pool areas, it is necessary to shower.
  • - Please try not to use your cell phone. You can keep it in your locker.
  • - Any conversations should be in tones befitting in a relaxation area.
  • - Spa facilities are permitted to people over 16 years old.
  • - Towels and bathrobes for the pool and showers are available in the Spa.
  • - Please do not use these towels and bathrobes outside the Spa area.
  • - Place all used towels and bathrobes in the available cart.
  • - Please try not to attend Spa facilities with personal valuables. The hotel is not responsible for any loss or damage of your belongings.
  • - Food and drink are not allowed into the Spa during your visit.
  • - Always place a towel between you and the bench of the sauna.
  • - Do not leave toiletries into the showers or other sanitary facilities.